Banknote Printers
Responsibilities Driving factors
  • Banknote production
  • Operational security
  • Quality
Improved operational security Production Quality


Innovation you can trust

Our range of solutions and service allows banknote printers to guarantee the quality of every banknote before it enters into circulation.

Designed for you

Working with 230 customers across 106 countries, our understanding of the cash cycle and the responsibilities and key drivers of each player within it, means we can provide a range of solutions and services which focus on meeting our individual customer priorities and requirements.


Our range of solutions and service providers

Guaranteed banknote authenticity

Guaranteed banknote quality by using advanced camera and detector systems to inspect banknote quality at the highest level of detail

Maintained desired condition of banknotes

Integration into the production environment through a modular and configurable solution that meets the needs of your organisation both now and in the future

Improved operational security

Improved operational security by enabling complete, secure, on-line cash processing and destroying unfit currency with 100% accounting accuracy

Increased operational control and flexibility

Increased operational control and flexibility through open architecture and seamless integration of hardware with vault management and business intelligence software

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency by using superior design, technologies and processes which optimise productivity and performance

Providing automated solutions throughout the cash cycle

  • Our ECM™ software is utilised by more than 90 customers in over 25 countries around the world
  • Alongside a global installed base of more than 400 high-speed and 1,700 desktop sorters
  • We have over 300 service personnel employed around the globe, providing direct service to 70 countries

Our global presence and understanding of international cash cycle trends allows us to offer you an integrated solution based on

  • An intelligent, consultative partnership
  • Future-proofed solutions
  • Robust service delivery



9000 Single Note Inspection


The 9000 has been developed to meet the needs of banknote printworks for end-of-line inspection and processing of fully-printed banknotes, guaranteeing the quality of your currency.


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Post-Processing solutions


Designed to address the needs of large cash handling organisations and banknote printworks, our range of compact post-processing solutions provides fully automated closed-loop systems for the collection, transportation, labelling and shrink-wrapping of packs of up to 1000 banknotes.


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Post Processing Solutions
Destruction solutions

Destruction solutions


Designed for central banks and printworks, our range of sophisticated banknote destruction solutions provides bespoke end-to-end destruction, conveying and collection systems.


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Consultancy and Expertise


CPS brings together a deep understanding of industry trends, business processes and an acute sensitivity to local needs, to create effective change programs, introduce and implement new policies and effectively manage and minimise risk.


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Consultancy and Expertise



Our service agreements are tailored to suit individual customer needs and it is through this flexible approach that we are able to maximise your system availability, ensure system optimisation and identify opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.


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