Central Banks

7000 QC is a unique new concept from CPS which safeguards the reputation of central banks by:

  • giving them control by enabling the central bank to inspect the quality of new notes prior to issue
  • giving them independent confidence in the banknotes they are receiving from their printer
  • allowing them to continue focusing their financial resource on used note sorting machines while providing them with this additional new note QC capability on the same machine

For central banks, the focus of investment in cash processing machines is in used note sorting machines. By adding additional functionality to the existing 7000 high speed used note sorter, 7000 QC is a cost effective solution, essentially providing two machines in one, allowing central banks to conduct quality control (QC) on new notes and authentication and fitness sorting of used notes, on one machine.

7000 QC is not designed to replace quality inspection completed by the printworks, but is a complementary approach, independent to the printer, that reassures central banks and provides them with confidence. This solution is not intended to check every single banknote, but is a sampling tool to check for gross errors that will cause reputational damage if not found. By checking sample banknotes or batches received from the printworks, errors can be identified.


Customer Benefits

Guaranteed banknote authenticity

Guaranteed banknote quality and authenticity by using advanced camera and detector systems to inspect banknote quality at the highest level of detail

Maintained desired condition of banknotes

The maintained desired condition of banknotes in circulation and ensured regulatory compliance by providing an audit tool for new banknotes prior to issue and used notes in circulation

Improved operational security

Increased operational security from simple integration into existing and banknote packaging, storage and issuance processes

Increased operational control and flexibility

Increased operational control and flexibility that is modular, flexible and configurable with through open architecture

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency by creating a dual-function machine